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SEVER'S CLOSET - Checkered Bodysuit

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Sever is having a MAJOR clean out of her closet! 

All outfits have been worn on stage or in music videos and are a part of Sumo Cyco history.  Gotta make room for another new era of performances!

Each outfit is sold as is including minor wear and tear. Dress up yourself or save it as a piece of memorabilia. 

You'll receive the outfit + a signed 8X10 photo of Sever in the outfit with a hand written memory of what went down while wearing the outfit. 

Checkered Bodysuit

Worn on tour. *Pease note zipper is finicky and may split * (No recommended for wear). Size Medium. Dirt on the knees from real bar crawling... and by that I mean crawling on top of the bar!